"Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs"


The Action "Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs" is part of the state aid package "Digital Transformation of SMEs" and concerns companies that have already integrated ICT in many of their operations and now seek to implement integrated investments in cutting-edge technologies or 4th industrial revolution solutions.

❖ Beneficiaries of the Action
Beneficiaries of the Action are existing very small, small and medium enterprises, which:
1. To submit a single investment proposal per VAT number.
2. To be active in the Greek territory and to invest exclusively in a single Category of Region / Regional Unit that have the same aid intensity.
3. To keep Aplographic or Diplographic books and have them closed at least one (1) full administrative use.
4. The company must be active in one of the eligible KAD of the investment plan for at least one (1) year.
5. To have at least one (1) eligible KAD activity, when submitting the application for financing the investment project.
6. The investment plan concerns exclusively the eligible KAD of the Action.
7. They don't have any at least nine (9) EMEs of dependent work during the calendar year preceding the submission of the funding application.
8. Work on the investment project has not started before the submission of the aid application.
9. To collect at least a grade of 70 in the digital maturity questionnaire of this call.

❖ Reinforcement Regime
The Action provides the option of choosing the aid regulation either based on EU Regulation 651/2014 (GAK) or based on EU Regulation 1407/2013 (De Minimis) as applicable.

Beneficiaries who will choose the EU Regulation 651/2014 (GAK) should commit during the application that they can ensure the private participation in percentage of at least 25%. Private participation must not involve any element of state support.

❖ Subsidized budget
Within the framework of the Action, funding applications of the amount from €200,001 to €1,200,000.

The subsidized budget of the investment project may not exceed three times the highest turnover achieved in one of the three closed management periods preceding the year of submission of the funding application.

For De Minimis investment projects, public funding should not exceed €200,000.

❖ Subsidy rates
Subsidy rates vary depending on the choice of aid scheme, the Region and the size of the business and vary from 25% to 60%.

❖ Eligible Expenses
The main categories of expenses are:
Equipment costs with indicative costs: Supply of sophisticated systems for remote operation of facilities, automation of the various stages of the value chain (production - transport - storage), production / storage / transport with robotic systems, upgrading of internal data transfer networks, interaction with employees, customers or suppliers, procurement advanced technological systems and engineering equipment for the production of Industry 4.0 systems and equipment, security systems and equipment (e.g. space surveillance, cyber-protection, etc.), unmanned or autonomous vehicle systems and equipment, automation systems , robotic systems, etc. etc.

Software costs with indicative costs:
Provision of applications of increased intelligence of administrative and financial planning, digital security, customer and supply chain management, data analysis with artificial intelligence tools, optimization of production, upgrading of services provided, etc.

Expenses for the provision of services associated with the digital upgrade with indicative costs:
Consulting and technical support for the configuration and integration of new systems in the operation of SMEs, system certification, etc.

The start date of expenditure eligibility is defined as the date of submission of the funding application.

❖ Implementation of Action
The maximum duration of completion of the physical and financial object of the investment project cannot exceed eighteen (18) months, from the date of issuance of the Incorporation Decision.

The company can implement expenses at its headquarters and/or in its branches, as long as all implementation points belong to the same Region Category and as long as they have the same intensity of support.

❖ Submission of applications
The start date of electronic submission of funding applications is defined on Thursday 23/02/2023 at 12:00.

The Call will remain open until the available budget is exhausted.

The evaluation of the funding applications is done by the method of the direct procedure, respecting the order of priority.

For more details, information and for any clarification regarding the eligibility of your own business, please contact us at the contact numbers 2392306040 / 6947273850 or by emailing to gp@ipconsulting.gr


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