Green SME Productive Investment


the action Green SME Productive Investment encourages small investment projects aimed at the utilization and development of modern technologies, at the upgrading of the products produced and/or services provided and their activities in general, rewarding actions that utilize modern technologies, infrastructures and best practices in matters of energy upgrading, circular economy and adoption clean sources.

The budget of the investment plan can be from €30,000 up to €200,000 and concerns businesses that have at least one (1) complete closed management year before the date of electronic submission of the financing application and have at least two (2) EMEs dependent work in the calendar year preceding the submission of the funding application.

The subsidized budget of the investment project may not exceed twice the highest turnover achieved in one of the three (or less if the company does not have three) management periods of the year preceding the submission of the funding application with a maximum amount of of €200,000.

The maximum duration of completion of the investment project cannot exceed them twenty four (24) months, from the date of issuance of the Incorporation Decision.

The percentage of the grant amounts to 50% with the condition of making energy saving costs in the percentage of 20% of the total budget.

The costs that can be realized are:

❖ Buildings, Facilities and Environment

❖ Machinery – Equipment (Contractual Expenses)

  • Production & Mechanical Equipment
  • Other Equipment

❖ Equipment (GREEN)*

  • Equipment to improve Energy Efficiency / energy saving
  • Circular economy equipment
  • Energy production equipment from RES for private consumption

❖ Certification of Products - Services - Processes

❖ Packaging Design – Label – Branding Services

❖ Advertising and Outreach Expenses

❖ Participation in trade fairs

❖ Means of Transport (GREEN)* (Mandatory electric)

❖ Salary cost of new employees (new staff from 1 to 3 EME)

For more details, information and for any clarification regarding the eligibility of your own business, please contact us at the contact numbers 2392306040 / 6947273850 or by emailing to

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