IP Consulting offers a complete package of services to its clients that includes the Software and Hardware of an installation, their technical support as well as consulting on digital technologies, implementation studies, as well as the management of financing through European Programs.


IT Consultancy

Business computerization and computerization consulting


Software Development

Software development for organizations and private businesses.


ERP Implementation

Implementation of ERP facilities in collaboration with SoftOne and LOGIC DIS.


CRM Implementation

Implementation of CRM and MRP facilities for service businesses.


Digital Printing

Design and offset printing of advertising forms, design and printing of mock-ups, etc.


Virtual Tours

Create virtual tours and panoramas.



Business support services providing hardware and software maintenance contracts.


Web Services

Web development, design and website hosting.









Cloud Backup

Cloud Back Up is an online application for managing documents and files related to a company. It offers the safe and reliable storage, categorization and arrangement of documents through the environment of a web browser without requiring the purchase of additional infrastructure for its use. It offers classification of documents according to the user and allows their secure sharing among only specific members of a group.

The app's functionality extends to managing groups and tasks between them, a fully functional mail client to be able to receive and send documents by email, contact creation and management to keep the right people always in the loop, and a chat application for communicating with users as they use Cloud Back Up.

Our applications are hosted on leased servers and we offer the possibility of fully configuring the system, creating backup copies outside the server or locally and installing the application in the company internally or externally.