The company's approach to undertaking a project is client-centric. What we offer our customer is a solution to their needs and not a product that they have to adapt to their processes. Under this light, the procedure followed is as follows:


The first step

The first step During this phase we contact the customer (by phone or in person) to document the problem. The information we collect relates to the client's activity, the process we need to complete or develop, the implementation timeframe and the resources to be dedicated to the project.


Solution analysis

Our specialty

With the data we have collected, we try to find the optimal combination of ready-made products from our partners, their customization, Software and Hardware solutions that we can develop to fit into the time frame and resources set by our client. At the same time, as long as it is within the client's requirements, we examine and deliver a plan for the financing of the project from European Programs. When delivering the file with the solution we propose, we list implementation stages and payment terms.

Implementation and Delivery

Waiting for the results

We carry out the project according to the stages of implementation and upon completion of each phase we inform the client accordingly. After the delivery of the project we can undertake its maintenance and further development.