Smart Manufacturing


The aim of the action is to accelerate the industrial transition through the digitization of business and production functions to increase the competitiveness of businesses and create a resilient industry.

The Action aims to upgrade the production equipment and infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the Action's eligible KAD, with financial support for investments in smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence systems, which will lead to an improvement in the productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and to the strengthening of quality jobs.

The Action, addressed only to existing and new businesses, not in under recommendation.

The subsidized budget of each investment proposal cannot be less than 250.000 € cannot exceed the amount of 6.000.000€.

The aid rates are:


Within the framework of the program, costs are to be financed for: • mechanical equipment,
• premises,
• special building facilities for the introduction of new technologies
• 5G high-speed network infrastructure,
• laboratory and quality control equipment,
• ICT & software equipment, software licenses,
• IT security services,
• product design services,
• intellectual property, patents,
• certification costs,
• technical consulting services for the implementation of new IT infrastructures and software for the digital transformation of the business or for carrying out a feasibility analysis for the development of new smart products and services,
• consulting services for monitoring the investment plan,
• staff and workforce training in the new Industry 4.0 technologies.

The maximum eligible percentages per expense category are:


For more details, information and for any clarification regarding the eligibility of your own business, please contact us at the contact numbers 2392306040 / 6947273850 or by emailing to


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